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A comprehensive professional development solution for you and your department.

The late American business guru Peter F. Drucker once said “Every few hundred years in Western history there occurs a sharp transformation. Within a few short decades, society rearranges itself …Fifty years later, there is a new world. We are currently living through just such a transformation.”

Course Description

Leading Others Today

Front line leaders are critical to the mission of any Public Works department; in our opinion leadership today is no longer about a title—it’s about the capacity to get things done. The days of the individual on the white horse swooping into town to save the day are long gone, the challenges we face are too complex and multifaceted for any one person to solve. Also gone are the days of autocratic leadership styles…for right or wrong the days of “do what I say cause I’m the boss” are long gone as well. Designed specifically for front line, mid-level managers and supervisors (or those who aspire to be) this track will assist those who lead front line team members in being highly effective at getting things done with and through others.

Session 1- Ignite the Fire
The “why we do” is the key to the “how we do” and the “results we get”. In this session Ian Hill will lay the ground work for the program, putting participant’s hearts and minds in the right place for growth. Attendees will review the program and its various tools, define roles and responsibilities and establish their personal desired outcomes. Participants will also review the program’s unique accountability mechanism which will support them in reaching their full potential. Attendees will leave with everything needed to get the maximum impact from the program and the inspiration to “ignite” the process of reaching their best.

Session 2- Agents of change
To be an effective mid level leader one must be able to first lead themselves before they can ever have the trust of those they lead nor will the team truly allow them to be directed by someone they don’t respect and trust. In this session Participants will learn how to:

  • Identify the impact of previous leaders in their life and the role they have played in shaping the leadership style that they employ today, and take the information to build the leadership style they envision for themselves.
  • Better understand the skills needed to exert influence by building the trusting relationships needed to get things done.
  • Better understand their communication style and how others communicate and how to adjust their own style to meet the styles of those they lead.
  • Better understand how people react to change and how to master the change dynamic in themselves and others.
  • Establish a “delegation” matrix to effectively get things done with and through others

Session 3- Big picture thinking.
To be great mid level leader, an individual must be able to see both the “big picture” and the “little part” and how both work together to make a great department and in turn a better community. In this session Ian will help participants learn to: .

  • Understand the importance of systems thinking and how to be effective at it
  • Better understand the steps to developing creative ideas through an “outside the box” planning and problem solving sequence.
  • Create systems to build great teams through trusting relationships

Session 4- Continuous improvement
Ian will help us establish a vision for our legacy, create a code of conduct to help that vision become a reality and provide tools to help us follow through on the commitments we have made to improve ourselves.

Session 5-Catalysts for encouraging responsibility
If we are to do more with less, then we all need to be catalysts for greater responsibility in ourselves and others. We will discuss the concepts of creating significant buy-in in others as well as the keys to motivation which lead to ourselves and others taking greater responsibility and ownership. In this session, we will break it down into practical steps and usable tools around the subject of getting things done through others and be more effective in our important work of leading others.

Ian Hill

Award Winning Change Agent and Business Leader

Humanitarian, Business Leader, and Award Winning Ian HillPhilanthropist, these are some of the words that often used when referring to Ian Hill. Whether running a multi-million dollar business operation with over 1000 employees, to spearheading first of their kind life-changing community projects, to a unique World wide initiative. Ian Hill has been recognized for being a catalyst for positive change throughout North America. Read more (pdf)

“Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Lou Holtz, and Tom Peters all have… inspirational messages, but none of them can reach into your soul…like Ian Hill!.”
Steve Allen, Business owner. Elected official

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